All our aqua programs are designed to cater for all levels of abilities and wherever possible to meet the aspirations of the person involved. However, we do not lose sight of the fact that learning to swim is not to be seen as a chore, but as an activity to look forward to and enjoy. Therefore, to keep children motivated, we place an emphasis on the enjoyable side of water activities.

It is stressed that before you enrol either yourself or your child in a program, staff are informed of any health problem or disability.


Classes are scheduled in both the morning and afternoon Monday through to Friday.  As well as Saturday morning classes.

Learn to swim for all ages (all year round).
Stroke development and squad training (all year round).

Pricing (GST inclusive)

Block fees only apply. Fees paid will cover the term and will vary according to the length of the term. The cost of a 10 lesson block will be $170.

Please note the lesson fee entitles the student to a 30 min swim lesson. For all other swimming by either the student or relatives a pool entry fee must be paid.